String Variables for Executing File

I am using BMT to run a bunch of automator scripts to help me move music files into folders (analogous to filing records into DJ crates).

Here’s a path to one of the automator apps:

/Users/ME/Documents/Music/DJ_Tracks/__Tools/Automator_Scripts/00_FILE_to_genre_TO_CURATE/ Stub

(FYI - In order to get these to run, I have to trigger the “Application Stub”)

What I want to do is use variables to define parts of the path, e.g., set the Outgoing Execute File to:

%aa%/%bb%/%cc%/Contents/MacOS/Application Stub


aa = “/Users/ME/Documents/Music/DJ_Tracks/__Tools/Automator_Scripts”
bb = “00_FILE_to_genre_TO_CURATE”
cc = “”

Is doing something like this possible? It’s a question of whether we can assign strings to variables, and pass those to the Outgoing Execute File.

Thank you.


Hi Manish,

Sorry variables in Bome MIDI Translator Pro are only 32 bit signed integers.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Oh and aa, bb, and cc are not legal variables.