String Variables?

This may be beyond the current design of Bome, but I’ll give it a go.

I’d like to have a Keystroke / Text Outgoing action with a variable string value.

My use-case: When I load a Cantabile song, I need to load a corresponding Ableton Live Set. I’ve got it working (really nicely!), but with a fixed name for the target Live Set. One of the key Translators is sending Keystroke action with C:\SoundLib\Ableton\Songs\SongName\SongName.als as its Text value. Right now I have 5 different sets of actions for each of 5 different songs, each with a fixed song name. This is gonna get outta hand when I’ve got 100 songs to deal with.

Is there any way to take an incoming string from Cantabile and massage it into the text part of an outgoing Keystroke command? Maybe some System Exclusive type message?


Indeed this would be nice and I know that string variables are on the list of requested features. Unfortunately it is not there yet, so you would need translators that send different text for each song as you currently have it. If the path, however is the same for each song, you may get away with using a single translator to send the path name and the another to send the song name, but it really doesn’t buy you much unless later you decide to put your songs in a different path.

We are holding this open as an open feature request.

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