Studio One daw interaction with bome MIDI Translator Pro and multiple keyboards

How do you insert Bome MIDI Translator Pro between Presonus Studio One and a keyboard?

Do you erase the connections you have jpreviously made between STudio One 5 and various control surfaces and have everything go thru Bome MTP?  

Should every controller go thru a Virtual Port or a Bome MIDI Translator In? 

What is the difference between those two and how should they be properly used?

What is the proper sequence of the opening of Bome MTP and Studio One5?

                 Thank you - I look forward to your explanation and solutions

Hi Fred,

Thanks for your questions!

Anything that doesn't need any translation does not need go go through Bome MIDI Translator Pro (MT Pro.) However if the same device has some things that need translation and others that don't, then you will need to go through Bome MIDI Translator Pro and use virtual ports with your Studio One application, breaking the existing direct connection.

See this tutorial on DAW integration.

Typically you would open MT Pro first so that it can connect directly to your device first, especially when running Windows which will not allow a second device to connect. Then your DAW should be able to connect to the Bome Virtual port(s) you may need.


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Bome Customer Care

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