Sustain pedal

So here’s what I have. My main board has piano and strings and I stomp on a foot switch and it brings in organ from a rack synth. all works. stomp another button and it stops. What I need to do is have my main board sustain hold the sustain on the organ as well and it doesn’t by default… since i’m just sending note on and off messages to the rack. what is the best way to have the rack also sustain along with my main board?

Probably when you stomp on your organ if you want sustain, also send CC64 with value of 127. When you switch away from your organ send CC64 with value of 0.

Most synths will hold any notes currently pressed while CC64 value 127 is on and will release them when you set CC64 to value of 0 but only after you have released the notes as well. Be careful to make sure notes are released before going away from your organ or you may end up with notes stuck on.

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