Switch between different applications with Midi Translator Pro

Hi there, how can I use midi Translator Pro to jump between different applications in live use?


On Windows, you should be able to send keystrokes Alt(Tab).

On Mac, you could also use outgoing action of AppleScript outgoing action to switch applications. 

In either case, MT Pro is not "application aware" so if using Alt(Tab), you will have to ensure you have the count of your keystrokes correct so that you are on the right application.

You might also use the operating system platform to set up special Hotkeys for given applications and use those instead. 




Steve Caldwell
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For Windows:

Windows Key+1; Windows Key+2; Windows Key+3; and so on - those commands will open applications in the order they appear on your Windows taskbar.

Very nice. So just make sure you open up your applications in the right order and you should be all set.
Thanks @ryanconnarton !

Great, this is what I’m looking for. Thanks @ryanconnarton.