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Hey, I think about buying the Bome MIDI Translator Pro.

I have a MIDI foot controller with 3 buttons: BOSS FS-1-WL. Each button sends a CC message: CC01, CC02 and CC03 – the editor of this MIDI foot controller is too rudimentary for my needs:

My goal is this: when I hit button 3 I want to switch between two MIDI command profiles. That means:

When stay in MIDI command profile #1:
press button 1: sends CC01
press button 2: sends CC02
press button 3: sends CC03
long press button 3: switches to ‘MIDI command profile #2 of Bome MIDI Translator Pro’

When stay in MIDI command profile #2:
press button 1: sends CC04
press button 2: sends CC05
press button 3: sends CC06
long press button 3: switches back to ‘MIDI command profile #1 of Bome MIDI Translator Pro’

Many thanks!

PS: does allow Bome MIDI Translator Pro send different CC messages when PRESS, PRESS LONG, RELEASE, DOUBLE PRESS, etc.?

I ask because Ableton Live’s internal MIDI ‘editor’ settings are far too rudimentary, especially for some profane MIDI foot controllers (whose MIDI editors often don’t allow complex configurations).*


See the below attached file for profile switch.
The first preset handles setting global variables and manage preset switching

The 2nd and 3rd presets, handle sending the correct CC values and also determining whether this a long press for CC 3 is in play. We determine log press by 250 ms (value of global variable ‘ge’).

The presets have the same translators except for the rules in translators x.1 which sets the value of the outgoing cc number. We use the global variable ‘ga’ for the desired cc number upon press.

If the timer trips before a CC value 0 comes in then we assume a preset change, otherwise we send the desired CC at velocity 0.

I hope this makes sense to you.

For other gestures, such as double or triple press etc. , search on ‘gestures’ in the forum and I’m sure you will find it. Basically you use counters and a timer on press and release to determine the desired gesture.
Profile-Switch-2023-03-20.bmtp (4.5 KB)

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