Switch to different scales / micro-tuning

A user asked this:

Would I be able to set up micro tuning/user scales and affect all 16 MIDI channels with ease? Can I put it in the BomeBox and call up different scales live? so all synths etc. are playing the same scale?

That should definitely work.

You will need MT Pro, you can just try with the trial version first and see if it works when all devices are connected to the computer. if so, it’ll also work on the BomeBox (provided that all devices can be connected to the BomeBox — note you can only connect class-compliant USB-MIDI devices and MIDI-DIN).

For the MT Pro project, one easy scheme to set it up is like this:

  1. Create a preset “Switcher”. Here, all switching translators are added, basically: enabling and disabling presets.
  2. Create a preset “Scale 1”. Here, add translators which output the MIDI messages for setting up the first user scale you want to use.
  3. Duplicate “Scale 1” to “Scale 2” and edit as needed for creating another scale.
  4. repeat step 3 for as many scales as you like


Switcher Preset:
In the preset properties, check this checkbox:
[x] Ignore for Next/Previous Preset switching (always active)

In Preset Default MIDI Ports, MIDI INPUT, check the MIDI device you want to use for preset switching.

Add a translator like this:

Name: Activate Scale 1
Incoming: MIDI <use MIDI Capture for the message to use for scale 1>
Outgoing: Preset Change, Activate by name \"Scale 1\", check: [x] Deactivate all other presets

Do the same for switching to other scales.

Preset “Scale 1”:
In preset properties, Preset Default MIDI Ports, MIDI OUTPUT: check the devices you want the scale 1 message to be sent.

For every MIDI message you want to send for scale 1, create a translator using the following scheme:

Translator 0: set scale 1, message 1
Incoming: Preset Change, (x) \"the current preset is activated\"
Outgoing: MIDI <first MIDI message to send>

Translator 1: set scale 1, message 2
Incoming: Preset Change, (x) “the current preset is activated”
Outgoing: MIDI <second MIDI message to send>

…and so on for all messages to send.

For scale 2, use the same scheme.