Switching values

I try to switch a variable between 1 and 0 by pressing just one button.

I am sure I have seen in the past that there is a real simple rule for it but I cannot find it anywhere?

I am sure I can write rules monitoring the current setting and then accordingly adjust it to another setting, but hope someone knows the better way??




Incoming: Note on MIDI Ch 1 Note 0 value 127
if ga==1 then qq==127
Outgoing: Note On MIDI CH 1 Note 0 value qq

Outgoing will toggle between 0 and 127. MIDI devices recognize note-on at velocity 0 as a note-off.

You will need a different global variable for each note (unless you bit map each note to a single bit)

Steve Caldwell
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Thanks Steve,

Somehow i thought there was an even easier function, but I should get that to work.