Synth to simple keyboard

I want to make a simple keyboard out of a synthesizer. I tried to bind the left mouse button and the W button to the note, it works until I open the game, it also does not work when running the Alt+Ctrl+Del combination.
Is it possible to use this program in anology with JoyToKey? I mean bind the keyboard and mouse keys to the piano and play the game like Sims, Gothic, BladeAndSoul e.t.c ?
I don’t understand coding, so I can’t write it through AutoHotkey.

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Let me see if I understand correctly. You want to send MIDI keys to the Bome MIDI Translator Pro on your PC and have them converted to keystrokes? Yes, this is possible although there are certain combinations that will not work like Ctrl+Alt+DEL. For combining combination mouse and keyboard actions, you will need to have separate translators. Say you want left mouse and then W key

Outgoing actions on separate translators would have to be

  1. Left mouse down at location specified
  2. W key down (no repeat) 10ms delay
  3. W Key up 20 ms delay
  4. Left mouse button up 30ms delay

The incoming note on message for all translators above would need to be the same so they would execute in the order shown with the appropriate delays.

And the application you are sending this all to would need to have focus.

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