SysEx for Ketron Device.

Could someone show me how to enter the correct string of sySex for my Ketron midi device? Say, if I want to send right sySex for "Arr A" as in the manual below, what do I send exactly? Once I know what to enter, I will try it out with SendSx , and then use MT Pro or Bomebox.

Thank you,



F0h 26h 79h 05h 00h footswl(0-6) OnOff F7h OnOff = 7fH (FOOTSWITCH PRESSED)



“Sustain”, // 0x00 0

“Soft”, // 0x01 1

“Sostenuto”, // 0x02 2

“Arr.A”, // 0x03 3

“Arr.B”, // 0x04 4


Hi Chris,

My guess is value of 127 (7F Hex) will enable it. Not sure if you will need the 00.

So output should be raw midi

F0 26 79 05 00 03 7F F7


Magical!!!! It works. I love these sySex messages though I am functionally illiterate when it comes to hex numbers and all that. Steve, thank you very much for such a quick response and help. Your help and support here on this forum makes it possible for musicians like me use MT Pro and Bomebox at all – extremely powerful MIDI tools but hard to use for MIDI novices. It’s a blessing to have you on this forum. Thank a lot again.

Thanks for the good words, Chris. I feel very fortunate to have found Bome Software as it is really the best thing out there. Also grateful to be of help to the community. Both people that want to learn MIDI and those musicians and others that just want their stuff to work together.

Take care!

Could someone know how to write addres of sySex for  Ketron. I want  the switch of canal midi ? for example canel 2 and 10. 

Do you have a link to the manual?