SysEx through BomeBox/Translator

I had problems with SysEx through BomeBox/Translator. Up to 300 bytes are on the way per transmission. I had allowed SysEx in the MT file, but it didn’t work. I decided on the quick solution and set the corresponding routes in the MT file in a translator. This works. Technically, this doesn’t bother me, but should translators explicitly for SysEx also work or are fixed routes a good/standard practice in this case?

For most complex SysEX messages, the best way is to send them through the MIDI router and not through translators. Translators require an exact pattern with the same number of bytes. You can substitute variables for bytes, however there are only 10 local variables and if you use globals, they may interfere with other translator functions. Typically I only use translators for fixed length short SysEX messages with limited number of variables.

I hope this helps!

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Aha, actually logical, now that you’ve said it.
Thanks for the confirmation.