Test list of predefined SysEx codes

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How to set up Bome to execute a pre-defined list of SysEx codes, which are triggered every time I press e.g. Space Keyboard.
I have a list of approx. 1000 SysEx codes, which must be sent one at a time to test the result.
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There are a few ways you can do this.

  1. Set up 1000 translators each with their own SysEX output stream and then use a global variable to cycle through each one as you hit spacebar.

  2. Use a helper application such as SendMIDI (on the public domain). Then call it for each SysEx message you want to send. You may want to give each SysEX file a number so that you can call them sequencially.

  3. Do similar to number 2 above but instead use some other type of helper application like SysEX Librarian as your help application.

The attached is an example of the first method. I use the global variable ga to determine which SysEX to send and then trip a timer. The rules of each translator only execute if the value of ga matches their input.

By default, Bome MIDI Translator must not have focus for this to work.


SysEx-Cycle.bmtp (1.2 KB)

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