Things missing from the BMT Pro Update

I would have liked to see:

  1. Learn multiple Translators at a time
  2. Outgoing> Preset Name Includes xxx xxx
  3. Folders for Presets
  4. Hide Presets
  5. Coloured Presets
  6. Search by name or number for Presets

I have 500+ Presets in my BMTP project and navigating with a tiny scroll bar is cumbersome.
Luckily I have nearly memorized what number most of the important ones are so I can scroll to within a ball park of the Preset I a looking for. But colours and a search panel would be great for projects of this size.

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Yes, I second that!! Preset Folders and/or colorization options would be very helpful and appreciated. My BOME setup looks pretty unorganized due to a lot of presets. I use non-active presets as separators (**************************) for different parts but that’s a very unsatisfying workaround.

Thanks and keep up the good work.


Me too:
[00] translator
[01] translator

[02] translator
[03] translator


Outside of organization, preset folders could introduce a really handy feature — using the “deactivate all other presets” action and “always active” option on a per-folder basis.

I never use those two options because I have so many presets and “deactivate all” would disable some presets that need to be active at the time but also are deactivated later. I end up having to make the same translator several times to deactivate several different presets.

With preset folders, you could instead use a “disable all other presets in folder” outgoing action, and have another checkbox that serves as the equivalent “always active” option for that action. Would make disabling groups of presets a breeze.

Yes, if I understand correctly, the idea is to have nested presets (presets within folders) where you could activate or deactivate all presets within only that folder. I’m pretty sure this is on the feature request list.

@florianbome - Please capture if you haven’t already captured this request.

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Thanks for bringing this up. The “always active” function (along with (de)activate all others) was really meant for small projects with a handful of presets. I understand that more hierarchy will allow better organization of your project in multiple ways. It is on the feature request list already, but no guarantees…

In the meantime, if you have a bunch of custom preset enable/disables you want to do, there is a technique I can show you to use a bitmapped variable to select only a set of presets (by number).
The technique is similar to what I do with control of LED lights. Since a variable is 32 bits, each bit can represent a preset number and you can use an always on preset to iterate through the presets turning them on or off based on the bitmap.

That way you can set a global variable to the value of a preset combination and then enable and disable only the presets you want for that combination (being careful not to disable your always on preset which controls all of this).

If interested, I can create and post an example.

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Re: The search function, BMTP already nearly does it. If I want to navigate quickly to a Preset, I fire of one of the translators within that Preset then double click on the event in the log window. The problem is, first I have to clear the log window, then with some of my commands filling the log window with 50 events, I have to scroll to the top, looking for the first x: IN and then double click on it. And if it has fired of a Translator with a delay, just as I am selecting the event, the whole screen shifts. Infuriating!

Is there a way to make it easier?. I was thinking click a search icon then fire of a Translator, and BMTP a) clears the Log window and b) selects and double clicks the first x: IN. Boom!

Then there could be like a >> icon that we could click on to which takes us to the next x: IN.

Hmm, I don’t use this function but I see it could be useful. With the new log filter of 1.9.0, I find that I can do what I want. The flow you describe makes perfect sense for searching for which translators use a given incoming trigger.

@florianbome : FYI

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Great!. I look forward to seeing this in the next update.