Timer and multiple input devices

sorry again but I can’t solve this scenario:

  1. Midi Note event At input of midi device 1
  2. As event 1 trigger I have to collect next midi note from two different midi input devices and passing them to another couple of midi out devices.

I wonder I could use a timer for this, but if I use a rule with Timer trigger, I can’t choose any input device so I’m frozen…

The problem is that I need to collect midi events only after a midi event occur on a different midi device from the one I collect from.

Any help appreciated, cheers, Eriberto

Probably the easiest way to handle this is.

  1. Create a new preset “After Note On” to handle the events after the initial Note On MIDI Device 1
  2. Have the above preset disabled at start up.
  3. Add a translator (in an existing enabled preset) for the note-on event with the outgoing action to enable preset “After Note On”.
  4. Put the translators there that you want to handle after the initial note on message is received with outgoing action to whichever device you want.
  5. Add a translator in the “After Note On” that disables the parent preset when you are done.

Something like that.

If you use a timer, yes you can use the timer outgoing action to enable or disable presets.

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