Toggle LED Feedback

Good evening everyone,

Has anyone an idea how I can "toggle" my LED Feedback for APCmini?

Per default its red. First press -> green blinking; second press -> default(red)


I know the MIDI Notes for the LEDs but can I get a hint how the syntax or the workaround is?

Hi if you can send me the notes and values to turn various colors on and off (or the manual that show it), I should be able to help you put a translator example that you can use so that when you send note-on messages, it can toggle values. What device or software are you using to send midi messages to your APC mini?



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I just found it,
note on with velocity 0 is off
note on with velocity 1 is green 2 is green blink
note on with velocity 3 is red 4 is red blink
note on with velocity 5 is yellow 6 is yellow blink

so what two states (colors) do you want to toggle?

Assuming you want to toggle incoming note on messages (any velocity) between red and green it would look something like this

First you need to initialize a global variable to a note state so set a translator up for this at project start.

Input Event Project Start


// green is default state


Output None

Then the translator to toggle the state

Input Note on Channel 0 Note 60 any velocity (or pick your note)


if ga==1 then pp=3

if ga==3 then pp=1



Note on Channel 0 note 60 velocity pp