Total Newbie. I want to play video games with sound!

Hello all! I just bought the software and have watched a few YouTube tutorials on how to use it. I’m interested in using my Akai Fire, Midi Fighter 64, or MAudio KeyStudio to control inputs for video games! I followed an awesome tutorial by CZR on YouTube and was able to get my KeyStudio to show input/outputs, but I couldn’t get anywhere other than that. I mapped note B to key W, so I could walk forward, but I tested this with two different games and they were unresponsive. Also, it didn’t seem to matter what note on the keyboard I played, as everything was giving an output of W.

I feel like I’m very close to figuring this out, but I’m missing an obvious step. I just want to play games in a unique and interesting way, and I know I have the tools to do it. How do I fix this?

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

You can map different MIDI notes to different keystrokes. I might need to look at your project file to see what is happening. Also keep in mind the keystrokes will be send to the currently focused application (unless you can use injected events which is only available on Windows and support only by some applications). There is a translator outgoing action to focus on a given application that you might want to use before sending keystrokes.

Anyway, perhaps looking at your project file and describing 2 or 3 keystrokes you want to send will help me figure it out for you.

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