TouchOSC for Android with Bomebox as DHCP host

I have my Bomebox configured as a DHCP host - my laptop is connectes by a physical ethernet connection. I never connect my laptops wifi to my bomebox wifi to ensure im always using the physical connection.

A while ago i installed TouchOSC on my android phone and laptop. My phone is connected to the Bomebox WiFi. I then use TouchOSC bridge to create a midi connection between my laptop and phone hosted on the bomebox network.

As of recently it doesnt work anymore. I changed my ethernet cable. I did notice a new IP adress for the laptop and changed the one on the TouchOSC app to the new ip.

All the individual connections seems to work (i can access the BB config page drom both devices). When i host the connection on my own router instead of the BB the connection works as intended. Therefore i think something is not right with the BB as DHCP host.

Anyclue what is going on?

Thanks in advance

Does’n TouchOSC require rtpMIDI? Have you checked that you have rtpMIDI configured correctly?

If not, then even TouchOSC Bridge I think creates virtual MIDI ports. Perhaps deinstall and re-install that application to see if it fixes it.

BomeBox router capabilities should not interfere with anything here. From a network perspective, it is either a host, a client or a hotspot.

When I last played with touchOSC on my iPhone (a year or two ago), when I had issues, it seemed to always tie back to my Apple MIDI (AKA rtpMIDI) setup. If I remember, I had updated rtpMIDI (my iConnectivity 4+ uses it) and the update broke the network configuration.

Good luck!

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I remember installing Tobias Erichsons RTPMidi driver protocol. End result is 2 Midi ports in/out in BMT. I remember it being a pain in the ass to get it working the first time as well. Then it worked stable for a couple of months.

Ill reinstall all components and try again.

Im actually trying to get it to work exactly as described on the Bomebox’ website:

“Does the BomeBox support OSC?
In terms of OSC, the BomeBox currently just works as a router. So, for example, you can connect an iPad running an OSC app to the BomeBox via WiFi, then the BomeBox routes the OSC messages to and from any connected computer or device which the iPad app is configured to talk with.”

BomeBox does not support OSC directly but as a generic router, it passes packets of any type that comes it’s way.

Yes rtpMIDI is a bit of a bear to work with.

Fixed it – I had the WiFi configured as HotSpot instead of Access Point. ><

All works OK now.


Hi, I’m glad you sorted it out.
For the sake of anyone else stumbling on this page: indeed, in order for WiFi clients to see other devices connected to the BomeBox, you need to configure WiFi as Access Point. Before doing that, make sure that the BomeBox is configured as Ethernet Master (i.e. DHCP server) so that WiFi clients get an IP address from the Ethernet subnet.

Once that is done, you can access the BomeBox web config from any device (via WiFi and via Ethernet) by entering the IP address (which is the fixed IP address on Ethernet when configuring the BomeBox as Ethernet Master).

Any other network software/hardware like rtp-MIDI, Apple Network MIDI, OSC, ArtNET, etc. will be routed by the BomeBox.


PS: it also works in Ethernet Client mode if the BomeBox is connected to another DHCP server via Ethernet. Then, WiFi clients also get their IP address from the DHCP server in the network.

Thank you for the additional info – I’m glad it does what its supposed to do.