Tracking physical key with current sate/variable?

Hiya :)

I'm trying to configure something but I can't make it work so far,

-pressing physical key Q outgoing mouse wheel up

-pressing physical key D outgoing mouse wheel up aswell

I'd like the outgoing action only if I switch between Q and D, not if I press Q then Q again (or D then D again)

This is why I think I'd need to track the variable of both Q and D

I attached my file, it is working with basic preset activation/deactivation but it seems to "swallow" the physical key message somehow

Any idea on how I can solve this?



Hi, MT Pro never swallows incoming key actions. The are always passed through to the currently focused application. If you open a text editor while pressing Q and D you will see this. It does not show in MT Pro because MT Pro is not passing the keystroke. The operating system is handling it directly.

Regarding your mouse movement, I just put a 50ms delay on outgoing action of your two translators and everything works fine. I suspect the operating system needs a bit of time to process the keystroke first before handling the mouse wheel action.


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Hiya oh ok but in my game it does swallow it :slight_smile: doesnt matter anyway
Thanks for your input and super fast reply, really appreciate it !