Translate controller midi note output to scaled CC volume range for VST parameter control

I have a touch sensitive hardware midi controller - the Playtronica “Touch me” - sending midi notes. I would like to use it to control a parameter on a VST plugin in Ableton live, for instance a filter frequency range. My idea was to translate and scale the midi notes from the controller to a CC volume range on a CC#.
I have tried but not been able to route this with a note2CC-translator program (pizMIDI) within Ableton so I thought I might route the hardware controller through a translator outside of Ableton and map that output to the VST parameter in Ableton.

Bome MIDI translator looks promising but i have hardly any programming experience and not much time to get this working.
through the trial version I have managed to connect the output of the “touch me” controller to the frequency parameter of a filter plugin in Ableton (it is reacting) but i have no idea how to scale it. (it would be something like a range of c2 to c4 scaled to the full volume range of the CC, or maybe 20- 110, something like that.) I did watch the tutorial on scaling CC to CC, and used the preset, it seems like a good starting point.

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Try the attached.

I use note to CC in combination with scaling as explained in this tutorial.

Here are the rules used:

// Low note 36 high note 60
// scale from 0-127
// Input range = 24
// Output Range = 128
// offset =36
if pp<36 then exit rules, skip outgoing action
if pp>60 then exit rules, skip outgoing action
if pp>0x7f then pp=0x7f

And the project file.
note-to-cc-range.bmtp (1.2 KB)

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Thats brilliant. Thank you so much.
I have tweaked the range a little, and it works.

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