Translate incoming Mod Wheel to other CCs

Sorry that I am not very facile with the software. I am trying to map a Mod Wheel on an older keyboard to different MIDI CC values in realtime. Here is an example of the data incoming from the keyboard:

144: MIDI IN [MiniBrute]: B0 21 57
145: MIDI IN [MiniBrute]: B0 01 7F
146: MIDI IN [MiniBrute]: B0 21 7F

I am not sure how to configure the translation into MIDI CC informtion using Bome Translator in the Mac prior to my DAW. Thanks for any assistance.
Dave G.

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

OK, it looks like Mod wheel MSB data incoming is 01 and LSB is CC 33 (0x21).

These are standard CC’s fort a MOD wheel but are 14 bit values. You will probably need to translate to a 7 bit MIDI CC value but you will lose precision.

I suggest you set it up to translate CC1 in any value to the desired outgoing CC number.

In the example below, I’m translating CC1 to CC 100

My aliases are set up as follows. You will need to set them up for the physical ports you want to use.


You can learn more about aliases from this tutorial.

CC-Translation.bmtp (1008 Bytes)

Steve Caldwell
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Thanks for the quick response and the help. Your solution has worked but there is one complexity. In order to make the mod wheel work with the notes from the keyboard, I needed to set the notes through from my keyboard to the Bome virtual translator output. I did this by connecting the MIDI Thru. This works but also has the original controller message from the mod wheel passing through as well. Is there a better way to do this or some way to filter out the original CC information from the keyboard? Thanks again for your help.

Yes, since ‘Swallow’ is set on the translator, the original CC1 will not get through but other CC’s (Like CC33) will be passed through which may be problematic.

With that, I added a CC ‘Blocking’ translator. I looks for any CC on any MIDI channel with any value and has an outgoing action of ‘None’ with the ‘Swallow’ option set, which will effectively block all CC messages except the one that we set up in the previous translator.

Here is the updated project file.

CC-Translation-a.bmtp (1.3 KB)

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Wow, you respond quicker than anyone I have ever seen!! This works! Thanks so much. I do notice some decrease in resolution, as you mentioned but for now it is workable. If this does become an issue, is there a way to increase the resolution with the translation?

The only way to increase the resolution is if your DAW allows 14 bit CCs, 14 bit NRPN, Pitch Bend (which is 14 bit), or SysEX.

7 bit resolution is 128 (2^7) while 14 bit resolution is 16384 (2^14)


OK, thanks. I’ll live with this for now. Thanks so much for your help.