Translating midi Hex

Hi! I am using a midi controller to trigger cues on a laser software called Beyond.

Also, I am using Bome to create a thru connection to send these midi notes to a Digital Audio Workstation (Bitwig) so I can record my performance and later on edit or modify it inside of the DAW and then send that information back to Beyond.

When Bome listens to the incomming midi notes from the midi controller, it gives me, for example:

MIDI 90 OC 00

But when it listens to the recorded midi note comming from the DAW (which supossed to be the same) it says:

MIDI 80 0C 7F

Which it causes a lot of issues with Beyond programming.

Is there any way to fix this on Bome, a rule or something that cuold make me smile again?

Thank you very much.

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

The below should do the trick.

It looks for incoming note messages on any channel.

If the incoming note message is in the form of 80 pp qq, It will convert to 90 pp 00
Otherwise it passes the message through untouched.
It evaluates the control byte to determine if it is a note message. It also maps the incoming MIDI channel of the control byte to the outgoing MIDI channel.

Here are the rules (with comments). I created them using hex notation but Bome MIDI Translator converts the hex notation to decimal when the project file is saved:

// Look for note message (either note-on or note off"
// get control byte into rr and mask it looking for note
// message
// If it isn't 0x80 then it is not a note message... abort
if rr!=128 then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action
// Now look if it is a note off in the form of 0x80 pp qq
// Mask out the lower nibble
if rr==128 then Goto "Note-Off"
// Look to see if it is 0x90 with value 0
if rr!=144 then skip next rule
if qq!=0 then Goto "Note-On"

Label "Note-Off"
// send note off in the form of 0x80 pp 00
// mask out control bit and get only MIDI channel
// Or channel with 0x90
// Make velocity 0
Goto "Done"

Label "Note on"
// nothing to do here, just pass the note through

Label "Done"

And the project file is attached.
note-off-0x90-conversion.bmtp (1.6 KB)

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Hi Steve,

Thank you very much for your help, appreciate it.

I will give it a try right now and I will comeback to you. :slight_smile:

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It works perfect, Steve.
Thank you very much, Sir.

You are most welcome!