Translator Pro Freeze (Crash) on quit

Hi MTP is crashing on quit. It hangs then crashes. It’s up to date, 1.9.1 1060.
I’m using a MacBook Air. The report is below - any help is very gratefully received

error report.pdf (1.7 MB)

Thank you for your report. We will look into it.

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Bome Customer Care

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Although we have multiple reports by now, we cannot reproduce this on any of our Macs (Apple Silicon and intel). If you experience such a freeze when quitting MT Pro, please report it here and attach or copy/paste a Sample, collected with Activity Monitor (see here for how to do that).
(it’s better to copy/paste the report directly than to create a PDF from it, because the PDF will wrap the long lines).

We will report any progress/fix in this forum thread.


Sample of MIDI Translator.txt (138.8 KB)
Hi guys, here is my Activity Monitor report. Thank you

Thanks! This one does give us a hint where the freeze might be occurring. We’ll follow up here.

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Sample of MIDI Translator 02.txt (135.7 KB)
Hi, here is another Activity Report (this sample was taken while MTP was non-responsive thus I’m not sure if the report is valid) . 1: fresh uninstall/ reinstall 2: started a new project - after creating the first translator (just starting), I decided to save the project and MTP ask’s me to save changes ‘Yes’ = freeze. I then tested the preference setting to come on with Mac start up - this also caused a freeze at start up and caused the Mac to wait while MTP was unresponsive. I changed this setting back to not to come on while mac is booting and MTP still came on while Mac was booting and froze again. Normally, MTP starts while very responsive, lets me use the program with no problems - but freezes each time it has to save my changes. I hope this report helps, guys. Thank you

Hi, I hope all is well.
I’ve not been able to test thoroughly but a quick look yields positive results, no freezing, however when opening 1062 it reports an error ‘error showing tray icon’. I will continue testing both builds tomorrow.
Great support, thank you.
MacOS 12.7.3

To close this forum thread, this issue should be fixed in Bome MIDI Translator Pro, v1.9.1 build 1064 and later.