Translator Sequences

I'm new to MIDI Translator Pro, although not to MIDI.

What I would like to do is send one program change to MIDI Translator Pro, and have it execute four translators in order.  I’m trying to control a program to remote control my Presonus Studiolive mixer.  Inside the program I need to:

  1. Click on a button to go into a Scenes window
  2. Click on a scene
  3. Click the Recall button (to call up that scene on the mixer)
  4. Click a Back button to go back to the original Faders window.

I have each of the four steps above working as four separate translators, and I can run them, but I have to send four separate program change messages to run the sequence.  What I would like is a way to run that sequence of four with one program change. 

Is that possible?



Hi Carl,

You will indeed need to use 4 translators for the outgoing actions in sequenc, however what I do so that I also don't need to program 4 incoming actions is to have the the PC as an incoming action and then use a one shot outgoing  timer.  You can give the timer any name you want.

Then all the other translators trigger off of the same timer (at different intervals). It just makes it cleaner if you ever want to change your PC incoming action since you do it only in one translator.

I also often use global variables to control the sequence and timing of the same timer.

For sequence, I usually use a repeating timer and either increment or decrement a global variable. Then the translators look at the sequence number and only fire if it is their turn in the sequence. A rule like ( if ga != 1 then exit rules, skip outgoing action).

Each translator would have a different number and only fire on its turn.

Timing is a bit trickier depending on what you want to do.  You can have a base time with the same input trigger and then increment a different delay on outgoing action (instead of taking turns as above).  There are other ways too. I suggest you just use whatever seems easiest for you, keeping in mind that if things change, you probably want to change in one place rather than many and use rule and math in the translators to make the necessary adjustment.

I hope this helps!

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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