Transpose + - 1 (or + - 12 -octava )

How to do that with BOME , because Korg Triton send some sysx messages,and Korg PA series for example,make this inside OS ,automaticaly ,no MIDI signals output (because no need) . Thanks

Hi, the description of your post doesn’t seem to match the title, so I will go by the description.

If you want to suppress all SysEx message coming from a device 1 (i.e.Triton Extreme) to device 2 (i.e. PA900), then the easiest way to do this is.

  1. Define input as Triton Extreme by checking the input box thereby enabling input.
  2. Define output a PA900 by checking the output box thereby enabling output.
  3. DO not define any default MIDI routes.
  4. Set up 3 translators as follows

One byte MIDI message Incoming oo Outgoing oo (no rules)

Two byte MIDI message Incoming oo pp Outgoing oo pp (no rules)

Three byte MIDI message Incoming oo pp qq Outgoing oo pp qq (no rules)

With this, any standard MIDI messages (which are 1, 2 or 3 bytes) will get through but any other message (IE sysex) will not.

I hope this answers the question you want answered.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

If the question is related to transposing notes, if you can provide the Sysex messages it outputs when doing so, we should be able to convert them to standard non-SysEX MIDI messages. If the board doesn’t send any MIDI at all when you hit transpose, then there would be nothing we could do as we need an incoming MIDI message to translate.




Thank you all for answers ,sorry I late with the answer,I was away from home. So,I`ll paste here what signals I receive from Triton Studio when I rotate the ribbon transpose (+1,+2,+3 …etc )

F0 42 30 50 41 04 00 01 00 0A 00 00 F7
F0 42 30 50 41 04 00 01 00 0A 00 01 F7

F0 42 30 50 41 04 00 01 00 0A 00 02 F7

I need to transform this signals in transpose(+1,+2…whatever) for “understend” Kontakt ,and other VSTi plugins. Sorry If I was not exactly in my explication .


What do to you get for negative transpose such as -1 -2 etc.

Hi, the example file transposes SysEx you mentioned to CC output values.

I’m assuming for -1 transpose the last digit is 7F for negative 2 it is 7E etc.

For output, I center the CC value at 40 for no transpose. 3F is -1, 41 is +1.

So if the VST understands the CC value and used 52-76 Decimal as transpose -12 to +12, it should work.

I also added another translator to let Bome actually handle the keystroke translation. I used the global variable ga to determine the transpose amount -12 to +12.

I monitor the incoming note message and add ga to transpose the outgoing message. I left it disabled since I expect the VST will handle that instead but if it doesn’t, you can enable that translator and let Bome transpose for you.

I also have a default path set of input Korg to output BMT1 so any other messages sent will still get through (unless there is a translator that fires that has swallow set).


I hope this helps.


WOW man…….are u a genius ? Works …crazy…perfect. I did for minus values….but….is crazy …how is possible ?? U are a God of MIDI ?? Thank you very very much ! EDIT : I put the script in my project(the script is perfect) ,and when I transpose, I have 2 notes, the basic note,and transposed .How I limit the original note ? Only to hear the transposed note,not the original note ?

Probably remove your default MIDI paths or make sure all note message translators have “swallow” set. Hard to tell without looking at your script. It could also have another translator somewhere in it sending the original note.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

If you turn on logging and check “outgoing” you will see any messages that translators are putting out and pinpoint and fix it there.

If you only see MIDI OUT and no “outgoing”, it is due to a MIDI thru route in which case you need to delete the MIDI thru route or have a translator that triggers output with “swallow” set.

Thanks…I`ll try tommorow,and I`ll be back ! I disable all scripts,and VSTi receive all notes from keyboard,so….somehow,I must “force ” Triton to pass through this transpose script….I have no idea how..