Trigger 6 notes in Fader Down Movement

Hi there, thanks so much for all the wonderful info in this forum. Bome has allowed me to do things I never dreamt possible. I would like to request some help with the following:
I want to trigger 6 (same) note on events in a downwards fader movement, so roughly every 21 steps the fader triggers a note on. When reaching 0 the outgoing action should stop until the fader is moved back up to 127, then start again. So basically when the fader movement is “up” nothing should happen, only downwards movements from the top should activate a note on. I would greatly appreciate some help in this. Is it even possible to make BMT ignore upwards fader moves? Cheers, Y.

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The attached should work for you as long as your fader reliable sends it’s value if you move it fast. Some controllers will skip output when moving faders in a fast fashion. In this case, we may need to modify something to figure it out.

Here are the rules.

// mod 22
// flag downword movement
// flag upward movement
if qq>ga then ss=1
// update the global variable current location
// Don't send with Fader Up
if ss==1 then exit rules, skip outgoing action
// Mod 22 = 0
if rr!=0 then exit rules, skip outgoing action

6Note-Fader-Down.bmtp (1.3 KB)

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This is brilliant- it works like a charm. Thank you so much- also learning so much (like ‘mod’). Indeed the fader can skip values if I move it very fast but in practice it is not a problem. Just to understand the rules better: which variable in this case the end is responsible for triggering the note on?


Variable rr is the mod of then incoming value so every 22 values it will be zero. That is when the last rule flows through and send the note on.

Here is another version that has more complex rules. It looks at ‘crossover points’ so that if your fader happened to skip a value, the note will still trigger any time it passes one of the crossover points. I disabled the original translator. You can now move the fader as fast as you would like. At least I couldn’t get it to break.

6Note-Fader-Down.bmtp (2.4 KB)

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Hi Steve, thank you so much for your expertise and assistance. It is greatly appreciated. Cheers, Y,

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