Trigger with one Midi button - one keystroke and one mousclick together



I have find out to solve the problem with the "clip launches" and "stop clip scene" etc.



I need the (ALT_GR) keystroke and the left mouse click together on:

Note on - Pad CC32 by press Note on CC82.

I`ve tried the following messages:

On one preset I did two translators,

Translator 1: Incoming - Note on CC82 - Outgoing - the Keystroke ALT_GR

Translator 2: Incoming - Note on CC82 - Outgoing - Mouseclick left button

Normally they should be hold on, if I hold the Note CC82 but they didn`t react.

Tried with keystroke ALT_GR - down and repeat it, but after try to change the keystroke to up. The down repeater can only be stop by restart my PC....


How can I solve this with fusion a keystroke and mouse click button like:

(Hold) CTRL + (Click) left mouse button?


kindest regards


Hi Mike,
I’m not sure what you mean Note on CC82. Is this a note-on message or a controller (CC) message. In either case, what note or controller and what value do you want it to trigger on?

Hi Mike,

Try this.

There are four translators. I’m using a different note than you but you should be able to easily modify for your incoming message. Two of them handle press down and the other handle release up.

One press down, the first translator sends right alt key down only. The third translator sends left click down 50 ms later.

On release the 2nd translator handles left alt key up and then 50 ms later the 4th translator sends left mouse up.

Let me know if this helps.



Note-on message 82 (without CC sorry for confusion)
I wanna do the following case:
by press Note-on message 82, I wanna control for example the note-on 32 with keystroke ALT_GR and left mouse click together. (It`s and hotkey for a special command in the DAW)

The two (ALT_GR and left mouse click together) should be only activate by press note-on 82 so it would be value 127 by pressing/holding, value 0 by letting go.

hope you can understand me now.

kindest regards

On this way I was too.
Same thing from your example, have to restart my pc because after press the Note 58 I couldn`t write something.
Other thing, I could use the mouse only after click one time the left button normal again.
I think it would be run if we could give the keystroke and the left mouse click button a variable?
To say: If I press the button it holds down, if I let the button go, everything runs normal?

If a keystroke or mouse click gets in a “stuck” down state, you should be able to clear it by just hitting the actual keystroke or mouse click physically again. I suspect that this is what is happening.

The sequence of events that I programmed happened correctly (according to the log). Of course no way to tell if it did the proper thing on the application as I’m not sure what application hence did not have it focused.
You may need to play around with timing of the mouse click and release after the keystroke.


I`ve tried to reconstruct a “Scene Clip Launch” with normally used keystroke and mouse, but have to say that this didn`t works how I wanted.
Yeah! The Preset with the translators did this, what it should and runs okey. Only with the holded key, which have to be pressed seperate on the keyboard you explained.

I really don`t know, how I can get the “Clip Launch” used BMT…..

Thank you for taking your time and have patience with me, Steve.

Kindest regards


As long as the outgoing keystrokes and mouse clicks are 100% what your actual keystrokes and mouse clicks should be, it should work. I noticed in some cases you have multiple modifiers (IE control + shift). You may need to sequence these all and give enough delay between them (in separate translators for them to work: IE

Control Down
Wait 10ms
Shift Down
Wait 10ms
Click Down
Wait 10ms
Click up
Wait 10ms
Shift up
Wait 10ms
Control up

Different applications may have different timing. Some applications takes more time to process keystrokes and clicks.