trouble getting Linnstrument notes through

I'm starting off just trying to make a basic project. Notes from my Linnstrument should go through MIDI Translator, out Bome MIDI Translator 1 Virtual Out. But my linnstrument cycles though channels 2-8 with subsequent key presses, and in the outgoing section of the translater, my channel options are:

  1. Pick a specific channel
  2. pick a value which looks like "oo" "pp" "qq" etc.

I don't really understand what those values mean, but I'm just trying to push through. However, everyhing I pick seems to lock the output to a single channel. I need the output to cycle through channels the same way the input does. Any suggestions?

Thank you

I\'m messing with this some more, and it looks like what I would need to do is create a different note on translator for every channel. Does that sound right? That\'s a lot of work, but I\'m willing to give it a try. However, in the Outgoing section, under note and velocity, I don\'t know what to choose. Time to dive back in.

Hi, there are two possible approaches

1) Set up a MIDI Thru Path

2) Set up translators to pass through everything


Since I remember in your email request, you didn't want System Exclusive to go through the path. I will not discuss this option here and will focus on option number 2.

The oo pp letter pairs  you refer to are local variables as describe in the user manual. By local it means that they can be used in any translator and only be visible to other translators with the same incoming trigger.

There are 10 of them available all with double letters the same.

oo pp qq rr ss tt uu vv ww xx

When you capture an incoming message with the value of oo for instance, that same value will be available for the outgoing message (unless you modify them with rules).

So an incoming trigger of oo pp qq (any 3 byte MIDI message) can trigger the same outgoing MIDI by simply putting oo pp qq raw output in the same translator.

In the attached project file I do this with 1 byte messages, 2 byte messages and 3 byte messages each as separate translators with a stop action on the translator so that there is no duplicate. If translator 1 sees a one byte message it will pass it on and evaluation of incoming messages stops until the next byte.  For a 1 byte message, translator 1 ignores it (since it is more than 1 byte) and the second translator takes over, and so on.

These 3 messages account of about 90% of what most instruments use but does not account for System Exclusive (which you said in email that you didn't want) or MMC (Midi Machine Control).  If need be we can add translators later to conver specific cases.

I set at the preset level "Linnistrument" as the input device and "Application" as the output device. These are aliases and on first open of the project you will be asked to assign them to the real MIDI ports.  After that, if you need to reassign them again, this option is available in the MIDI menu.

At this point we do not address messages coming back from the application.  I forget if there is some initial handshake that needs to be set up for MPE (Multi Polyphonic Expression) with the instrument. If this is required, we may need to add another preset with some translators to set up that initial "MPE handshake". I'll research MPE further and let you know while you try the project I provided. Not many people these days use MPE yet.

Just for grins, I set up a thru path from "Application" to "Linstrument" so that any messages coming from the applicaton to your instrument should make it through. I just don't know if answers in 1, 2 or 3 byte MIDI messages will cover the appropriate responses.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist


No need. Please see the example I just posted. Also I think MPE handshake should be fine since they are all 1, 2, and 3 byte messages.

You are amazing. I am jumping back in to see what I can do myself with what you taught me and what you provided me. THANK YOU!

This worked! I haven’t exhaustively tested everything, but pitch bend and and pressure are working perfectly! My next step is to duplicate this 8 times onto the 8 different ports. That should be easy. But after that I will want to find a way to switch between those presets with the 8 buttons on my luanch control mini :slight_smile: Thank you.

Well, I ran into a snag. I duplicated the preset you made and tried sending it out another port, but it’s not working for some reason. I’m here fiddling with it, and I’ll keep checking back here if you have an idea for me. Thanks for all the help.
Actually, I just figured something out. It seems like MIDI Translator will only send out to one port at a time. I can get any port to work, as long as all the others are deactivated. I mean, that works for me, but does it have to be that way? I could see myself wanting to send out multiple ports simultaneously. It’s just an option which would be nice.

I think I got the hang of it now. I have a preset for each of 8 ports, and I have a last preset where I am building preset change commands. I am going to build those change commands to require 16 buttons on a Launchpad, 8 on and 8 off. But eventually I am going to want to make preset change commands which use a single button as a switch between on and off. And when it is on, I will also want it to send a command back to my Launch Control to turn on the light. And when it is off I will want the light to turn off. And I may want to find a way to set it so that activating one preset deactivates the other 7. But I can tell that will take a lot more work and studying.

Hi, you can send to many port simultaneously if you have multiple presets activated. Let me know if you get stuck. You can also control LEDs of your Launchpad.

Thank you again Steve. For now, my initial goal is accomplished! And now I am going to start playing. I only have 2 things left I might pursue later, and that is multiple ports simultaneously(Although that’s a maybe. I don’t think it is something I want for my current setup) And lighting the button up on my Launch control when the corresponding port/preset is active. But for now I just want to JAM! Thank you again Steve!

Jam on!

This is amazing! Thank you So Much Steve. I’ve been trying to solve this workflow issue for weeks. And now it’s been NAILED. I feel slightly ill today and also uninspired, and my jam is STILL making me want to bop around! YOU ROCK!