Trouble Loading loading file to Bome Box

I have it connected the MIDI ports and Routes are empty. From what I can tell I need choose a template for it to show me that. I go into choose file I have it there... I Press "Upload Project File" and nothing happens it does not appear above. I refresh and still nothing happens.

Hi, I noticed you posted another question here. Were you able to get it working?  What version of BomeBox Firware are you running? You can see the version on the main or Overview page.  Please make sure you have the latest version. 

When uploading, there are two buttons you have to push on the Midi Translator Project web page.

The first one is Choose File. Once chosen, the Upload Project file which right below Choose file.

With that said, you do not need to upload a project file to setup MIDI routes. Simply go to the MIDI Routes page and add your own. The dropdown box for adding routes will show available ports for routing and will depend on what you have attached.


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Update: I am running Firmware 1.4.1 so I was able to finally update it, the Line 6 FBV 3 finally did stop blinking an appeared . I set that MIDI routing and was able to load the project. But having issues connecting it to Abelton. I am using RTP MIDI on an iConnectivity mioXL I have the track on the input and output activated.

On the MIDI Translator Page it is highlighted and gives the option to Restart or Close. I have tried to restart multiple times and it just stays like that. So its still not working at this point.

BomeBox does not run RTP MIDI, just Bome Network. So if you want to use RTP MIDI for now you will need to put Bome Network on a PC or Mac as a gateway between BomeBox and your iConnectivity. I know there is an implementation of RTP MIDI planned for BomeBox but right now the focus is getting Bome Network running ion IOS.

Well crud… every implementation I had planned of was with conjunction or RTP MIDI through a Physical MIDI Router. That complicates things a lot, the idea was to be able to save Projects to Bome boxes so that it could basically be plug and play and MIDI Translator Pro would not have to run in the background. I may get with iConnectivity and see how involved getting the Bome network to work with their gear would be. I think at this point I will probably recommend client use the translator and super long USB in this specific application. Ends up being cheaper and more straight forward anyways. I guess for now this is sort of resolved. I hope you guys do go the way of RTP MIDI.

It looks like had everything right by your screen shots so that’s encouraging that I found that out. And I was using a Powered USB Hub, but unplugging and plugging it back seemed to get it ironed out. Once that happened everything else fell in into place except…until this response where I discovered the RTP wasn’t supported. That was a Debbie downer moment for sure. Hope to see an update soon! Thanks for your help.

Sorry, yes although rtpMIDI is much wider spread, a lot of people complain about the complexity of keeping the connections up. Bome Network objectives are simplicity and reliability of connections so you don’t have to muck with things as much. Right now, however only Bome products use it.

Natively in Apple, yes I agree super inconsistent with no reason. However, my experience has been the iConnectivity gear does RTP rock solid. Is it a bit complex to set up (also gives ultimate flexibility)…yes, but performance wise its not an issue at all. I have run close to 20 devices over RTP at once and never had a drop. But yeah apples poor performance sent me looking for other solutions. I will keep hope alive RTP will be an option for the box someday. :wink: