Trouble using ProPresenter to control X32 mixer

I have ProPresenter running on computer A.

X32-Edit and Bome MIDI Translator are running on computer B to remote control our X32 mixer. The X32-Edit software Remote MIDI Input is assigned to Bome MIDI Translator 1.

rtpMIDI is installed on each computer to send MIDI over the network.

A macro is triggered in ProPresenter on computer A, which sends a MIDI Note On message for Note 0 on ch 2, via rtpMIDI, to computer B. The message is received in Bome MIDI Translator, which then sends a Conrol Change command 72 with a value of 127 on ch2, which should Mute DCA1 on the X32. Unfortunately nothing happens.

This is what’s showing up in the BMTP log:

1: IN 0.0 Note On on ch. 2 with note:0 (0x00) and velocity:1 (0x01)
2: MIDI OUT [Bome MIDI Translator 1 Virtual Out]: B1 48 7F
3: OUT 0.0 Control Change on ch. 2 with CC#:72 (0x48) and value:127 (0x7F)

Where have I gone wrong?

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

In a quick look at the X32 manual, it looks like it can operate in 3 modes.

  1. Raw
  2. HUI
  3. Mackie

It is unclear to me what MIDI messages are needed for HUI and Mackie so I assume you have it set to Raw and if you do, then it looks like you are sending the right message.

It appears that you are sending the message out Bome MIDI Translator 1 VIrtual Out when you probably want the message to go out to your X32 instead.

I assume your are looking for Bome MIDI Translator 1 Virtual In for the incoming message but since you don’t have MIDI IN checked, I can’t be sure it is coming in on the right port (although it probably is send the MIDI out is being generated).

Also verify that your device is indeed in Raw mode and not Mackie or HUI.
You could also monitor X32 in and push the desired control to see what it sends. This could give you a clue of what mode it is in and what message it sends (and should receive).

Steve Caldwell
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Thank you for the assistance. I was able to get everything working by moving Bome MTP to a computer that has an audio interface with built-in MIDI ports and just running a hard line MIDI cable between it and the mixer. The translators are all working to mute/unmute the DCAs.

In case there are other users that go down this road, I did get the following back from Behringer, regarding the MIDI implementation of the X-32 software:

X32-Edit is a client type app that communicates with the X32 using OSC protocol via ethernet (UDP) and does not communicate using MIDI to anything. The X32 itself does communicate with external MIDI devices via the MIDI ports, or the USB port of the card (eg. X-USB, X-Live) as long as the Card-MIDI is enabled on the Setup, Midi screen.

The easiest way to make it work the way you want is to connect a USB cable between the computer and X32 card and enable the Card Midi.

If you want to communicate to the X-32 with MIDI over a network, you could use Bome Network Pro or RTP-MIDI.

I find that Bome Network Pro is easier as it auto discovers other computers on the same network and gives you the option to auto-connect. Also you can expose MIDI ports individually over the network using Remote Direct MIDI.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: