Trying to encode sliders

Hi, trying to encode MTP to have a MIDI controller slider sending CC to an app.
Actually it’s for a flight simulator.

On my destination app, for this particular slider, I made:
[ for ‘Down - 1 increment’
\ for ‘Up, - 1 increment’
(BTW I could encode MTP to have these up and down commands sent by pressing two keys, but now I would love to have sliders or rotative knobs on my MIDI device to send theses datas to my app.)

This is what I’ve have tried:

Incoming MIDI message:
Capture MIDI, (Ok, it sees the slider moving).
-I select the first line of the captured MIDI message
(I didn’t create any rule, nor any variable, as I need to learn this.)

Key Stroke: Physical Key : \

What it does, for now:

When I move the slider, it works, but only in the Forward direction
And actually it moves very quickly…if I could have slower incrementations, it’d be awesome.

I would like to add a Translator for “Back” action on this slider, but I don’t know how to tell MTP: I’m using the same slider as for “Forward” but I want it to send another MICI CC when I’m moving the slider down?

Any help to understand the best way to do that would be more than appreciated!

Best Regards!

Hi, try the attached. In this example I’m using CC 12 on MIDI CH 1.

The first translator handles Up and the second translator handles down

We compare the current input value “qq” with the last known value “ga” so only one of the two translators will fire depending on the comparison of the two values. In the last translator we set the new value of ga for the next iteration of comparison.

Fader-to-keystroke-2021-09-27.bmtp (1.2 KB)

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Awesome, thank you so much!