Trying to get Capture One to work with pots rather than encoders

I have a launchpad XL that I absolutely love using. It works exactly how I want it to in Lightroom via Midi2LR. Even though, the launchpad uses pots with absolute values rather than encoders with relative values, Midi2LR still recognizes clockwise as one value and counter clockwise as another.
However, I want to use capture one, and when I try to map my controls, it seems that midi translator recognizes clockwise and counterclockwise as the same input and the input seems to keep being entered once the knob is turned, even when you stop turning it. It will continue to input until it’s rolled back to unity.
Example, for increasing and decreasing exposure:
Midi2LR : move knob clockwise, choose “increase exposure”.
move knob counter clockwise, choose “decrease exposure”
After that, the control raises or lowers the exposure.
Bome : move knob clockwise and several different inputs are logged. Selecting any of those and assigning it to a keyboard shortcut for increasing exposure. Then if the knob is moved either direction the exposure will increase until it’s dialed back to 0.
Is this just the way absolute value pots work with capture one? or is there something similar to midi2lr’s functionality?

Hi, and welcome to the Bome Forum.

The attached should do what you want it to do. Either enable the first or second preset but not both as they behave differently.

The first preset uses a timer to continually send Up Keystrokes if right of center. If you turn your knob left of center it sends Down Keystrokes. If you keep it close to center, keystrokes stop. This is good if you don’t want to run out of room since a knob will have hard stops.

In the second preset, we send up and down keystrokes depending on the movement of the encoder but if you run against a stop at the right or left, of course, you cannot move it any more. However I have set it so with the push of a button (note message) you can suppress keystrokes, which allow you to re-center the pot.

So What will you need to do:

  1. Define your Aliases for My Controller, and Capture1. I used my Faderfox EC4 and Bome MIDI Translator 1
  2. Change the CC message to map that of your pot on your LaunchControl XL.
  3. If you want similar behavior for other CC’s then you need to add global variable for each CC you want to add. This is needed because you would have to know the last known position of each pot to determine it’s direction. The No Timer Preset Option is less complex.
  4. Change your outgoing keystrokes for what Capture1 is using.

The rules look at the current value of the incoming CC and compare to the last known value to determine whether to send an Up or Down Keystroke. Only one of the two keystroke translators will fire depending on the direction and the rules of the translators.

In the second preset I use the value of ga to determine whether to suppress keystrokes and gb for the last known location of the knob.

The first translator sets ga to 1 when you press a button (signaling suppression of outgoing keystroke to calibrate the knob).
The second translator (releasing the button) sets ga back to 0
The third and forth translators will only fire if ga=0
The third will only fire if the direction is up.
The forth will only fire if the direction is down.

For the second knob, duplicate the first 4 translators in preset 2 and change the incoming CC as well as the global variables (change ga to gc and gb to gd). Also change the outgoing keystrokes

The first preset should remain disabled and it should probably just be used for advanced study.

Absolute-Encoder-to-Keystroke-Capture1-2021-02-18.bmtp (2.7 KB)

Good luck!

Steve Caldwell
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Steve, Thank you for the welcome AND for the amazing advice! I’ll give it a shot!
Unfortunately though, the more I think about it, that defeats the purpose of having pots instead of just buttons. Midi2LR spoiled me, the further I turn the knob, the further the parameter changes. If I’m at 3 clock, I can dial it back a little and so forth.

Yes, this should still work for you. The limitation is really on the knob stops and not the fact that you are doing MIDI to keystroke.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: