Turning keyboard into reverse piano

Hey everyone, it’s great to be here.
So I had the idea for a reverse piano and Steve told me to put the idea on this forum. So instead of a keyboard notes running from low to high, left to right, instead turning it to high to low. With the addition of disaster areas product of MIDI Baby. Thanks

Hi @fportillomusic . Welcome to the Bome Community.

The attached should do what you want.

Since MIDI has 128 notes but most MIDI keyboards have only 88, I set the lowest note to 21 which is the low note number of an 88 key keyboard and the highest note to 108 which is the highest key of an 88 key keyboard. Lowest note is is in global variable ga and highest note in global variable gb.

I have 3 aliases

My Controller - Assign this to your keyboard
Application - Assign this to your target application (I used Bome MIDI Translator 1 Virtual Port)
Control - Assign this to your MIDI Baby 3. I have set Note-on note 0 MIDI CH 1 to turn on reverse and Note-on Note 1 MIDI CH 1 to turn reverse off.

Upon startup we turn reverse on (translator 0.3)

Any time you switch from reverse on to off or visa versa, I set a timer to turn all notes off so that you don’t have stuck notes. This is done with a repeating timer 128 times. The timer iterates through each note 127-0 turning them off one at a time (very fast).

There are timers “Enable Reverse” and “Disable Reverse” that handle the following tasks.

  1. Enabling or disabling of preset 1
  2. Sending All notes off
  3. Enabling or disabling the MIDI thru path.

I did some preliminary testing but not extensive testing. It is important that you stop playing when you enable and disable the reverse keyboard.

Reverse Keyboard.bmtp (4.1 KB)


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