Tutorial: Converting CC to Note message using Bome MIDI Translator Pro

Hi, user submitted a comment to a Bome tutorial on Youtube. I’m answering it here.

It would be possible to convert CC going up to a note at 127 and CC going down to another note at 0…And that this same conversion is already detected by the software and used in it.

The attached project file should do the trick. We look at CC 21 on input and if you turn right then put out Note-On Note 10 MIDI CH 1 with velocity 127. If you turn left it puts out Note 11 MIDI CH 1 with velocity of 127.

Three simple rules in control the outgoing note number. Most relative encoders, however put out 127 for left and 1 for right so if it is reversed, just change the comparison operators.

CC-relative-to-different-note-on.bmtp (1.1 KB)

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