Two APC Minis - Last connected gets priority

Hi All,

I am a brand new user to Bome MIDI Translator Pro (just purchased a licence), using it to allow the connection of two Akai APC Minis into vMix (by putting them onto different MIDI channels).

I have successfully setup the first APC Mini in Bome and it now presents all the MIDI Messages to vMix on Channel #2. I even managed to get bi-directional communication working (with the help of some posts on this forum) so vMix can send feedback to the APC Mini to change the button lights. This first APC Mini presents to Bome and is listed in the devices as "APC MINI".

I am now setting up the second APC Mini. I just connected it to the computer, and Bome seems to give the last connected device priority. There are now two devices listed in Bome: "APC MINI" and "APC MINI (2)". However, the latest connected device (i.e. the second APC Mini) is given the title "APC MINI" and the device which was previously connected is relegated to being "APC MINI (2)".

This has the issue that none of the buttons or lights now work on the first APC Mini, they are now active on the newly second connected APC Mini.

Any ideas how to tell Bome that it should keep using the originally connected APC Mini when another identical device is connected? I have tried setting up an Alias but when the underlying device changes the alias then also points to the incorrect device.

Thanks in advance!

Update. I also just found another strange issue. I have setup another set of translators for the second APC Mini, which are configured to translate the MIDI commands onto channel #3 for vMix. These translators are only configured to read from the second APC Mini device. However, when I press a button on the second APC Mini it not only sends out that command over channel #3, but also over channel #2 (i.e. the channel used by the first APC Mini). When I disable the translator it no longer happens (i.e. pressing the button on the second APC Mini does nothing at all) so it definitely seems related to that translator.

I have attached the .bmtp file in case that helps!



In answer to your first question. The operating system generally decides based on USB discovery what your MIDI devices are named. The first device discovered is generally that that is exposed by the device manufacturer (I.E. APC MINI).  If additional devices of the same name are attached, the Operating System will give it the same name but with an appended number, usually with a parenthesis but it really depends on the Operating System Logic.

In your case, it is like Windows and assigned as APC MINI and APC MINI (1).

Once assigned, I beleive Windows retains memory of the device by the USB port number attached, so if you always plug in to the same USB port, you SHOULD be OK.  With that said, you can never 100% depend on the port name the OS will assign. 

You have a few options here.

1) If there are no labels or overlays on each APC MINI, just physically move them to the position on your desk you want them as the operating system has assigned them. Since they really send the same messages and if you dont have them labled, the position on your desk should be enough to know which is which.

2) Try swapping which USB ports each device is attached, plugging the first device into it's port first.

3) Create Aliases (ie. MYAPC1, MYAPC2). Then when opening the project file re-assign aliases to the physical APC MINI ports in the order you wish. Then in your presets and translators, always send to and trigger from the assigned alias an dnot their physical port.

Now as your second question, it is possible you have assince the alias APC1 to the wrong physical APC MINI device. If using aliases (which I recommend), it is good practice to only open and send and receive from the Alias ports assigned and not the real ports. Sending and receiving to and from both MIDI aliases, and their physical ports, could result in duplicate messages (for sending), and unwanted incoming triggers (for receiving)

I suspect translator 0.2 (Buttons APC->vMix), might be the culprit.


You may also want to review the below tutorial that might help you optimize the way you manage the port assignements.


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Thanks for your reply Steve, all is working perfectly now!

Glad to help!