Two Different Actions, one Touchable Button

Hi Steve,

I'd like to create a single button in Touchable that sends out two different actions to Ableton Live. The first is a Note on/off to turn a device on and off. And the second is to translate that same Note on/off into a midi cc that selects a specific position on a rotary dial in a different device.

Attached is the .bmtp file.

The first translator "iRack Power" sees the note on "4 - Channel 5", and if the note value < 13 it exits rules and skips outgoing action. And that works -- it turns the power for the device on/off.

The second translator ""iRack Select" sees the same note on "4 - Channel 5", correctly translates the note into a control message that it sends out on "9 - Channel 10", and correctly selects a specific position on a rotary dial in a different device.

If I turn on both translators at the same time, the first translator "iRack Power" stops working and no longer turns the power for the device on/off.

So each translator works independently (when the other translator is off), but not together.

Can you help me understand why this isn't working?




OK, on the first translator, it is actually not working since you have none as an outgoing action. What you are sending is the MIDI Thru activity set by your default MIDI paths and not by any translators.

When you turn on iRack select, since it has swallow set the MIDI thru path on the first translator is suppressed.

To fix this just create an outgoing action on the first translator with the action you want. Probably note-on note uu MIDI channel 5.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

Thank you!