hi guys I have another question for you I have two identical hardware pieces Behringer Xtouch Extender , sending the exact same data , how can I prevent the second one from sending midi to my software and only sen it to bomes so bomes can change the value and do not replicate de value of my other piece of hardware , thanks

Hi, there are a number of ways to do this, however most DAW’s will recognize each piece of hardware through a separate MIDI port. If you do, the DAW “should” recognize them as separate and only handle the designated input from each assigned controller.

I would recommend you route both through MIDI Translator Pro. For two way communication, there should be 2 inputs and 2 outputs for each controller.

Controller 1 ->MTPro -> BMT1 -> DAW

DAW -> BMT1 -> MTPro -> Conttroller1

Controller2 ->MTPro ->BMT2 -> DAW

DAW -> BMT2 – >MTPro -> Controller2

In the main area input output section draw lines between the devices as follows

Controller1 ——Line ——-> BMT1

BMT1 —— Line ———–> Controller 1

Controller2 ——–Line ——-> BMT2

BMT2 ———Line ———- Controller 2

The DAW should now recognize each as it’s own control surface. How it handles things from there will depend on the DAW you are using and how you have programmed the MIDI mapping.

If you have set up interface with the DAW for Mackie MCU or HUI, there may need to be other things you need to configure based on what the DAW supports. I would first check with the DAW vendor to see if they natively support this configuration and if they don’t will need more detail on which DAW you are using and how you what the 2 controllers configured and to act.

I suspect that you would 1 Controller 1 to handle the first 8 faders and controller 2 to handle the second 8 faders. If this is the case, I believe MCU and HUI has a “page up” and “page down” function to switch to the next/previous 8 channels accordingly. We may need to simulate this behavior with MT Pro when touching a different controller but not knowing which DAW and how it is designed to react with multiple HUI or MCU devices, it is difficult for me to be of further assistance at this time.

If you are not using HUI or MCU mode, then it is possible we can assign channel mapping rules on the second controller to differentiate between the two sets of faders. For instance we might use MIDI channel 1 for the first controller and MIDI channel 2 for the second (mapping to it with MT Pro). This is not possible with HUI or Mackie since each fader by default uses channel 1-8 on each controller and then uses page up and page down to switch to the next/previous 8 channel strips (on most DAWs)

Let me know if this helps get you started and if you have any further questions, please provide more details regarding what you tried, which DAW you are using, and how you want the controllers to interact with the DAW.

Again I would start by talking to the DAW manufacturer to see if they have a native supported configuration for your controllers first.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist