Tying autohotkey script output variables into BMTP

i came across a useful script which allows me to capture a portion of the screen… and then monitor for a bitmap image upon a keypress.
If the captured bitmap exists on the monitor it outputs the mouse coordinates

i would like to implement the outputted coordinates from the autohotkey script into BMTP

Is there a method to get the output of the AHK into BMTP?

my use case is dealing with FXplugin presets in a DAW scenario, where the FXplugins show up in varying positions on the monitor… and with some FXplugins presets are not directly accessible via midi… and require a mouse press to access preset menu… hence this roundabout method of accessing FXpreset’s

i just realised the answer was staring right in front of me!!
the Autohotkey script is the answer… dont know why i asked such a silly question lol

should anyone be interested in the AHKscript…
it can be found here FindText - Capture screen image into text and then find it - AutoHotkey Community

Interesting. A couple of questions

  1. How do you call your script with MT Pro?
  2. How are the coordinates returned to MT Pro?

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I have yet to implement that script into BMTP and im only guessing here but
question 1
i believe a script can be converted into a exe(using compile)… which allows you to tie BMTP using a exe
question 2
the coordinates and mouse movements and mouse clicks are all done via the script itself(meaning that peice of code needs to be implemented into the working script itself )

thus only the midi in is required by the user to execute the script via the executable file *shrugs
Edit: also im guessing that the script.exe would need to be removed after the execution is carried out
to prevent multiple scripts being called multiple time *shrugs

**please know im a complete noob in this AHK… i had a need, i searched for it… and found these useful scripts… to bring everything together im still trying to work this out LOL… but i believe the necessary information to implement this is there.

here are 2 examples i found on that AHK forum
of how this script works and how to implement necessary clicks and mouse positions etc

OK, however you will need to send the mouse coordinates to MT Pro using MIDI messages so you will need to add MIDI OUT capabilities to your script.

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Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

i believe the script itself handles all mouse movements and mouse clicks etc…
it only requires a user to press a midi button to execute the script… & by using the outgoing/executable file… it would call the script into action
the script itself does all the finding image/coordinates/mouse clicks etc based on your premade script

i dug a little deeper and found another video by the same user who expanded on the script and providing a GUI to create the preset… and then export it to a .AHK (which needs to be compiled as a Exe)
The automate my task GUI script can be found in the description of this video

Very nice, I hope you caught the caveats about issues if you change screen resolution, scaling etc. Very nice but not 100 percent reliable. I may give it a try someday.

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Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz
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