Unable to control NI S88 keyboard via KompleteKontrol on Cubase 12)

Hi Bome users

I have been using NI S88 controller keyboard to control my DAW (Cubase12), but for a reason I cannot understand, it no longer works - the DAW option is not appearing in my ‘Studio Setup’. NI’s suggested I reinstall the Bome Driver - which is normally auto-installed along with Komplete Kontrol. I did so, but there is no sign of it (other than in Add/Remove programmes). Should it appear in the Device Manager. Maybe I have done something wrong? Currently, I seem unable to resolve my issue and all NI can suggest is a Windows 10 reinstall!
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Native Instruments licenses its BMIDI Driver from Bome so if it is a driver issue, you should contact them?

See this support topic.

However, if you have recently upgraded to Cubase 12, perhaps the new version no longer supports NI. You might want to check with Steinberg to see if they dropped support for the control surface.

I think that if your device shows up in Cubase under MIDI settings, but the controller type does not show up under Remote Devices, you might want to reach out to Steinburg instead.

I am running Cubase 10.5 and here are the list of Remote Devices my dropdown menu shows. The only Steinberg device I see is the Steinberg Huston.

I’m not sure whether the controller definitions are added by NI or whether Steinberg adds them in Cubase.

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Bome MIDI devices are found in Device Manager:
MIDI ports under Sound, Video and game controllers,
bus driver under System Devices).

Have you reinstalled the Komplete software after refreshing the BMIDI driver?