USB host problems

So I’ve got the firmware up and running and it seems to be behaving properly! It’s recognizing every input and output, as well as creating an alias for each. I’ll check back in once I work out my routings and give it a functional test, but I must take this moment to thank you both for your attention and assistance. This is simply amazing as far as product support goes.

I do have a couple questions that will help me with my routing:

  1. I wasn’t quite able to ascertain the meaning of the USB auto aliases and the purpose they serve. Any clarification for this?
  2. Is there any way to rename midi devices? For the devices that I have pairs of, I would like a way to tell them apart. As it is now, using the example of my NanoKontrol2’s, it simply recognizes the one that gets plugged in first as NanoKontrol2 and the second NanoKontrol2 2. Turning them on in reverse order produces the opposite result. Just wondering if there is a practical solution to this. The USB hubs have individual switches, so if there is no solution in the device I can simply switch them on in desired order. No worries.

Aliases are generally useful when developing an application on a computer using MT Pro and then transferring the project to BomeBox for execution. Usually the alias device assignments would point to different (or maybe no) real ports. This allows a user to set up an alias and instead of re-assigning different ports on any platform, to simply point the same alias names to different ports for that particular device.

Aliases can only be set up using MT Pro and when transferring the project file to BomeBox, they will be remembered there (although you might need to re-assign them to different ports.

The device names on the BomeBox are generally provided by the USB device itself and auto aliased to USB1 USB2 etc. Again if you don’t like those names, the only way have the names you want is to define aliases in MT Pro, then transfer your project to BomeBox and assign them their to their actual ports.

I know creating an MT Pro project with the trial version does not run on BomeBox because it is not signed. I’m not sure if BomeBox is smart enough to use the an unsigned project to merely assign aliases. I can check on that if you would like though.

The actual device name assignment of USB devices is the same as on computer and will assign them the same way (in the order they are plugged in). It is best to keep your USB ports plugged in in the same order. If not you will need to swap cables around on your like devices.

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I actually intend on utilizing Translator Pro for a multitude of uses and plan on buying as soon as I can. However, times are incredibly tough down here in CA right now and I may have to wait a little while before I make that purchase. But don’t worry about the trial version…I’ll get to it eventually. For now I’m just so thankful for the firmware and all the help!

Yes, at least when you get it, you know it will work and you can indeed test your project using the trial version on your PC with a sense of confidence the project file will work on BomeBox once signed.

Stay safe!