USB Host to Host connection

Anyone have any idea if this is achievable?

I have Bome Box successfully acting as midi host via powered USB hub. I want to keep it that way.

I also have 3 other units with only USB host ports.

Is there no hope to bridge these connections somehow, to trick those hosts into acting as USB Midi Devices rather than hosts themselves?

I’m thinking there isn’t but I thought maybe someone might have better more unusual ideas than me.

(I tried a USB A to A cable on a whim because why not, but no go. Second host is seemingly not recognized at all by Bome box).

Thanks in advance.

Hi, no there is no way to make a USB host talk to another USB host. This is how USB is built and not unique to BomeBox. However you can daisy chain your BomeBoxes together with ethernet cable and of course WiFi.

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