Use BoMe on browser like firefox!

Hi i will use my internet browser (firefox or safari,…and so one) to play midi files on my external sound card.

I have done a server with Apache… and PHP pages.
I will embed a Midi files ( one midi file per page) on open the page the midi playes.
But only internal…
Is that a way to configure such a profile?
Thank for asking

Hi and welcome to the Bome Community!

Bome has more than one product so I will address the most likely candidates

Bome MIDI Translator Pro
No web interface so I don’t think this can be done on a Browser. You might be able to use some sort of remote desktop software to accmplish this.

Bome Network
All MIDI ports attached to a given system are available using Web MIDI through a Chrome Browser


Bomebox has a web interface and can be managed via a web browser. There are not any tools available however to customize the web interface.

I hope this helps!

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