Use MIDI Translator Pro to "quantize" MIDI event

I would like to be able to quantize some CC messages to the next musical grid, for example 1/4 note.
I understand that I should delay the input CC of the value need to get to the 1/4 note, but I miss several things. I’m not sure how to get the bpm value (as I would need it to get a delay in ms), and I’m not sure how to get the right grid division.
Hope I’m clear enough !

Thanks for any incoming help :wink:

Hi and welcome to the Bome Community.

The best way to handle this with MT Pro is to.

  1. Upon MIDI start command, start counting timing clock messages, up to 12. Quarter notes occur on every 12th timing clock message.
  2. Capture the last CC command into global variables with a different translator but do not send it
  3. On each 12th timing clock message, send out the last captured CC message (if there was one present). Then clear the CC message (to indicated there is no longer one present). I usually use a negative value to show that a message is not present.

The only caveat here is that if you get more than 1 of the same CC message in between the 12th clock message, only the last message will be captured (which is probably what you want anyway).

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