User Name backwards

Logging into this new forum and I see that my username and nickname are backwards.
Now everyone can see my full name, and that isn’t safe. I wonder how long it’s been like that. My name isn’t even capitalized though. So I didn’t type it out.
The preferences say I can change my nickname in my Bome account. But I go to my Bome account and my nickname is already correct. It’s SuperTRev, as it should be. But it’s my full name in the forum as my nickname, and can’t be changed. ?
I’ve already changed the ‘full name’ box, back to what it should be, but the nickname is still also my full name. What is going on?

Another question: My account says that I have MTP version 1.8.3 “registered” but my ‘about’ screen says it’s version 1.8.4 ?
I got the email about the coming update. Is there a release date for that?


I’ll look into how to fix your user name. This is a new tool so I might need some help from our web guy. I’ll give it a shot first. I think you can change it in your Bome User account screen and the change will be reflected also in the Forum with the same name there. I see you tried that so we will figure it out. I assume you want it to be ““SuperTRev””. If not, let me know.

You originally purchased 1.8.3 so in your account that will not change. If you have 1.8.4 on your about screen then you are running the latest. we don’t track the current version you are running, just what you initially ordered.

I cannot comment about when 1.8.5 will be released (or any other product) but if you are on the mailing list, you will be notified.

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Ok thanks. Yup, the nickname should be ‘SuperTRev’.
I don’t need to change it in my Bome account, because in the ‘nickname’ box, it’s already ‘SuperTRev’.
As you can see, my nickname on this forum is my full name.

Checking into it. For me changing my nickname on the Bome account fixed it on the forum. I might have needed to wait a bit for it to propagate however. Also it appears nicknames on the forum are all lower case. Again, still checking into it.

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Hi there, sorry for that. It seems that an update of the forum plugin introduced a new way for the user name to be retrieved from the Bome account. I’ll have the web admin look into this. Users should be able to change their nick name.
I’ve fixed it for you, you need to log out and log in again.

Ok, I logged in and out. Then put in my full name in the full name box in this forum. Then went over to Bome webpage and edited my account. The username was still ‘SuperTRev’ so I redid it with a space after so it will register a change. ?
On this forum, it’s still wrong for now.

OK, sorry again. It turns out that you need to log out of the Bome Account and out of this forum. When logging in, you should see the email+password page of the Bome Account. When returning to the forum, you username should be updated (I have just done this for myself).

In your forum user settings, you can set the “full name”. I’ve removed your name there so that people cannot see your real name when clicking on your nick name. I think that’s what you want. I’ve also removed all mentions of your real name fro this discussion here.

I specifically pushed the ‘log out’ button. Closed the internet. Swept the computer with Ccleaner, and registry scan. Restarted the computer. Logged back in.
Still wrong. My username on the Bome webpage is ‘SuperTRev’. My username on this forum is ‘trev***’ (which I didn’t do, as I would never type it out like that). Forum won’t let me change it, because the webpage is supposed to. But webpage has it correct; which is different than forum.

Yes, I think our web guy is going to need to fix that.

@florian-bome is on it to get the web administrator engaged.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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It’s a mystery to me. I hope we’ll fix this soon.

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The web admin has found the problem. It doesn’t normally occur, but I could fix it by changing your username to something else, then change it back to SuperTRev. That way, the different ways the system stores the username got synchronized again.

We’ll improve the logic for changing the username to always synchronize, even if you don’t change the username.

Ok. Will do.

Did that. Changed it, but it’s struggling with capital letters.

Now it should work (I mean, your forum username is fixed now).

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Yup it’s good now, thanks. :slightly_smiling_face: