using 2 MIDI-Controllers to control MA dot2 onPC


i’ve got the following question, regarding the use of the APC Mini to control MA dot2 onPC: i want to use 2 Akai APC Minis sometimes and don’t know, how to do that. I got one APC Mini to work perfectly, but have no idea, how to use two.

In the future, i plan on using a Korg nanoKontrol or a Behringer X-Touch Mini in addition to one APC Mini.

I would be extremely thankful and happy, if somebody has an idea, how to “merge” two controllers into one output.



Hi Florian,

Thanks for putting this question on a new thread!

The trick is to create input aliases for each and then define 2 separate presets with each preset looking for input on it’s device (overriding the project defaults).

For notes, you will likely have to convert note-off with velocity of 7F (APC-MINI default) to note-off with velocity 0

Since faders are on the same MIDI channels of notes, if you want to use them you will need to put them on MIDI CH 2 for your first APC-MINI.

For your second one, you should convert all note output to MIDI Channel 3 and fader to note on MIDI Channel 4.

Then send all your output to GMA2 as normal on a single MIDI port.

The attached should work.

You should assign The Alias APC MINI-1 to your first APC MINI and APC MINI-2 to your second one.

Assign the alias GrandMA to whatever port your are using in GMA2

The first preset has 3 translators.

The first one handles note-on with no changes.

The second one converts note off to output value of 0 instead of 127

The third one converts the incoming CC (fader) to a note and sends it out to MIDI CH 2 with the incoming velocity of the fader.

The first preset only monitors input from the Alias APC MINI-1

The second preset only monitors input from Alias APC MINI-2 and does the same thing with the following exceptions:

It translates all note-on and off message to go out on MIDI Channel 3

In addition to converting from CC to note, the outgoing notes are directed to MIDI channel 4.


I hope this helps!


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Oh and now I see you are on dot2, yest it will work on dot2 just like GMA2.

Ah, just found out that dot2 only allows for 1 MIDI channel so you will be restricted to MIDI CH1 and 128 controls so channel mapping will not work and you can only do note mapping and of course CC 2 note conversion on dot2.

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