Using 2 original APC40s and 1 APC 20 with Enttec DPRO

Good morning! I would greatly appreciate your expertise here in solving an issue I'm having with DPro 2 Universe and Akai APC boards we're hoping to use with the software. The user form suggested to use the MidiTranslator program...... We have purchased 2 - APC40's (the originals) and 1 APC20 to use with DPro 2 Universe. All of these indicate in the Windows 10 device drivers list as detected and in DPro Show up as APC40, APC 20 and APC40(2). In trying to program buttons on one of the APC40's (in this case programming all of the pars to bring up each individual par to full brightness based on colours set on buttons above the sliders I've noticed that the first fader slider has the same address on the APC20 as it does on the APC40 and APC40(2) so on which makes having three devices kind of useless. Is there a way to make sure the addressing on all the APC’s are individual?

I really do not want to get into setting each button, fader and knob to new addresses. Is there a way to do this in blanket format and tell DPRO to use the new configuration without having to do it each time the devices/computer is turned off and on?

I greatly appreciate your help on this!

Thank you.

Stan McDougall

Sound Dynamics Entertainment



This can be probably be done with translators and math to handle the MIDI message conversion. Since all 3 devices essentially send the same information for each of their control, you would need to monitor each device and then based on the input device, have rules to do the math to recalculate each control to be unique before sending it to your Enttech DPRO.

For instance, the first fader on each device is CC7 on MIDI CH 1. The second is CC6 on MIDI CH 2 etc.

You could map them so that your each fader translates to a different CC as follows (example only)

First APC40 CC0-CC7 on MIDI CH 1

Second APC40 CC0-CC7 on MIDI CH 2

APC 20 CC0-CC7 on MIDI CH 3

All going to your DPRO. The point is that the DPro would need to see everything as unique. So the exercise is to create target output strategy that makes everything unique and then set up rules to handle the math.

The attached is an example.

Each preset has it’s own unique input device assigned so that the preset only handles input from that device(port).

Each preset has one translator that converts CC7 from a given channel to a different CC on MID channel 1 for output. The first preset handles CC0-CC7 the second CC8-15 and the last one 16-23

The rules, handle the math by only accepting input from CC7 but based on the incoming channel we send out a different CC on MIDI channel 1.

You will need to ensure you assign your aliases as the project file first starts for each input and output device.

I have named the Aliases APC40 1, APC40 2, APC20 and DPRO


In the above example you would have 3 preset (one for each input APC) with translators for each to do the calculations.

You will need to do the same type of strategy with other controls ensuring that nothing overlaps between the 3 devices.

I hope this helps get you started!

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist


Thanks….I think. Is this a file for Boome? Sorry I haven’t had a chance to try this yet. So it sounds like I’m going to have to map each button/fader as opposed to blanket changing the channel that the APC20 and second APC40 use? You’d think by now there should be an easier way to do this?

Since the APC40’s and APC20’s use 8 channels, there is no other way. You can probably get away with just maybe 5 or 6 translators. 1 for faders, 1 for button matrix. 1 for other buttons, 1 for master fader .


Darn. All I want to do is control lighting cues…I think definitely we went overboard on devices (not my decision) but surely these should be able to work together…I don’t know if it’s worth it. Maybe should sell them and get something else.

Setting these up is not really that hard. Just a little planning required to determine all of the mapping you want.
If you design your translators right, it is fairly easy to copy and paste them and then tweak the rules. If you want me to do it for you, I am available for paid services. Just drop me an email.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist