Using a fader on DJ Control Instinct to Zoom In and Out of editing timeline on DaVinci Resolve!

Hello! Am new here an a very much a novice with this software. I’ve remapped a majority of my buttons with ease to navigate my timeline on my NLE–but I’ve left out my faders and knobs as those are CCs that I am not familiar with programming at all.

Basically–I have my Zoom In function mapped to the ‘Z’ key. Zoom Out is mapped to ‘Shift + Z’.

How do I make my faders zoom in and out incrementally? Again–I am not very tech savvy so it would be helpful to be walked through this!

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

The attached project file should get yo started.

In this case I use CC 48 on MIDI CH 1 for the fader message but if your fader is different you can use a different CC or MIDI Channel.

The first translator 0.0 handles Zoom In and compares the incoming value (local variable qq) to the global variable ga and only executes the keystroke (Z) if the value moves up.

The second translator 0.1 does the same but with zoom out when the value moves down. using shift Z.

The other two translators 0.2 and 0.3 allow for disabling the keystrokes and enabling the keystrokes respectively. We push a button to set gb to 1. If gb is 1 then the first two translators will never fire. However when we release the button, gb gets set to zero, thereby allowing the first two translators to send keystrokes again. Consider this method as a way to re-center the fader without sending keystrokes.

I my case I’m using a fader and button on an APC-MINI as the aliases show below, but you should set your aliases to your actual controller instead.


You can learn more about aliases from this tutorial.

You either need to ensure Davinci Resolve is in focus or set up another translator to focus the application prior to sending keystrokes. You could set up a translator with the same CC to focus the application and then put a slight delay on the existing translators to give the application time to focus.

And here is the project file.

Fader-Zoom.bmtp (2.1 KB)

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Oh wow, this worked like a dream! I managed to make it work–consider this solved. You’re amazing Steve!

Would love to ask you more questions, but I don’t think dumping them all in this topic is the best approach. Would I have to make another topic with general questions?

Yes, best to open new threads for new subjects.