using Akai LPD8 for controlling Exposure X5 (Lightroom alternative)

I used the project file on this post to control Exposure X5. It uses the same controls as Photoshop and Lightroom for zoom.
The log window shows activity and I've set the LPD8 as the midi in but the knobs don't do anything. Attached is log file. The file says LPD8 Wireless but I have it plugged into my laptop with cable.


I’m sorry could you also check “Incoming” and “Outgoing” and repost your log? I assume you are trying to send keystrokes.

It looks like they were checked but I've made sure the Midi in and out are checked as well. Yes, I am trying to send the same keystrokes as in your project. Ctrl+ to zoom in, Ctrl- to zoom out. Photoshop, Lightroom, Exposure X5, Affinity Photo and probably other photo editors use the same commands for zoom. So your project will be useful for anyone using photo editors.


OK so if you see MIDI IN but no Incoming it means you have your trigger set incorrectly. According to your MIDI IN your incoming trigger should probably be something like CC1 on MIDI CH1 Any value. Maybe if I saw you project file I could help more.

I think CC1 MIDI 1 is the first knob on the LPD8 but I tested them all. I used the same project file that was in your original post here.



for the resolution.


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