Using Akai Midimix with protools


I purchased Midi translator pro hoping to be able to use my Akai midimix to control Protools, but I must admit I am a bit lost here

From what I read on the forum it should be possible, but I can’t manage to make it work

Here’s what I would like to achieve :

  • Using the 8 faders of the midimix to control 8 track volume levels on protools, and be able to use the "bank left " and bank right " buttons to navigate thru protools tracks up and down. Would it be possible to limit protools track volume to 0dB when the midimix fader is at maximum value ?

  • There are 3 rotating encoders per tracks on the midimix, I would like to use those to control sends A,B,C levels on each individual track

  • I would also like to ba able to map the mute and Solo buttons

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot !

For the moment, I am able to use Steve Caldwell’s patch called " Midimix Fader to hui Example" to control the fader levels and bank up and down and it’s working great

Although complete solutions are beyond the scope of free support here, I did add a few items to the original example. You may be able to use it to create the rest.

The top row of knobs should now handle pan and the row of mute buttons should handle mute.

My MIDI Mix is set to the default factory configuration.

  • Translator 2.3 handles sending pans.
  • Translator 3.0 handles Sending mutes.
  • Translator 4.0 handles LED feedback for mutes.

MIDIMix-HUI-2024-03-21-DEMO.bmtp (6.1 KB)

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