Using BMT on Windows 10 with Pioneer Rekordbox and a Vestax VCI-100 Question


I have searched this forum and saw 4 posts related to Pioneer RekordboxDJ (RBDJ) but none of them could help me. I am trying to use BMT to map my old Vestax VCI-100 controller to RBDJ per a tutorial I saw on DJTechtools. That tutorial showed how to spoof a virtual controller to make it look like one that the RBDJ recognizes as a full featured Pioneer unit, but on a MAC (using BMT). If I launch the trial version of BMT and then run RBDJ, I always see "Bome MIDI Translator 1" in the MIDI Device connection of RBDJ. I tried using the BMT Alias function but to no avail. I was tempted to try and rename the Virtual BMT device in the Windows 10 device manager, but stopped short thinking you might have a simple answer.

RekordboxDJ wants to see a device name of Pioneer DDJ-SX (or another one of Pioneers controllers) as the connected device in order to give jog wheel functionality to the device. Any other device type will be able to map most controls but not the jog functions. So in order for RBDJ to have Jog wheel control from a non Pioneer device we need to trick RBDJ into thinking a Pioneer Controller is connected. That is why I want to use BMT, but am not sure how to spoof the controller name.

Can you help me? If I can't make that work then BMT won't be much use to me. If I can I will purchase the Pro version immediately. Thanks in Advance for any help you can provide.

Cheers and Happy Holidays!

Hi, it is very difficult to “spoof” MIDI controller names on Windows. You cannot customize virtual port names within Bome MIDI Translator Pro. You might want to download and try LoopMIDI though. Maybe that will work. I believe it will allow you to assign customer MIDI names.

If not and you know what MIDI your jog wheel sends, (if it sends MIDI), we could look at that perhaps map it to something that RBDJ will recognize.


Hello Again,
Thanks for the tip on LoopMidi that allowed RBDJ to see the Virtual Pioneer Controller port. I am going to use the trial version of BMT to see if I can map the codes from my Jog wheels through BMT to the virtual controller. If that works I will place my order!!

Thanks for all the help.

Your welcome, I’m sure if we can figure out what RBDJ expects we can convert your Vestex to look like a Pioneer.


So I have purchased the full version of BMT and I am getting some results to allow RBDJ to work with my VCI-100. By using the tool you recommended (Tobias Erichsen loopMidi I can spoof RBDJ into thinking my VCI-100 is a Pioneer Controller (DDJ-SX). I have tried to follow the steps at DJ Techtools and for the most part BMT performs as described in the tutorial (so because of that website I purchased BMT).


I just have one problem, the VCI-100 controller puts out Velocity Values for a Note On in the range of 0x0 or 0x7F, when I try and set up BMT to swallow on an incoming Note On (0x90, 0x30, 0x00) it says the velocity is out of range and ignores the swallow. I have my VCI-100 routed thru to my Virtual DDJ-SX and so the message 0x90, 0x30, 0x00 is passed through instead of caught. How do I make BMT trap on a velocity of 0?


Thanks for any help you can provide.

Note-On with velocity 0 is actually Note-Off. So have it swallow Note-Off messages instead.



So I did that and was able to create the appropriate messages however the midi interface into the RBDJ appears to be very slow (stuttering) when using BMT and loopMIDI. It looks like RBDJ is sending a lot of MIDI-Out messages and either BMT or loopMIDI is choking. The MIDI out messages are for indicator lights on various DJ controllers, however in my case are irrelevant at this point.
Is there any way to diagnose if the MIDI out messages are affecting BMT? I need to break the problem in two and loopMIDI isn’t suported as well as BMT.
As an FYI I typically have my system routed as follows:
VCI-100 -> Pioneer DDJ-SX (the loopMIDI port)
and I do not use the DDJ-SX as an input, but when I did (to diagnose the issue) that is when I saw all of the incoming MIDI messages from RBDJ
Thanks Again for any support on this

You can enable the log feature of BMT Pro to see if you can analyze what is happening.
Turn on Monitoring for MIDI IN and MIDI OUT. When you are done, you can copy and past the log window into a text file and then share it with me by posting it here and I will be happy to take a look. Also maybe post your project file and I can see if there is anything else that looks suspicious

how did this project ended up? namely the performance issue?

I’m also heavy using BMT with pioneer controllers


Not sure of this particulat project but Mixed results depending on the DAW you are using. Apparently most DJ software uses the USB port for more than just MIDI, so if you are trying to pass audio or mouse controls through the port you are spoofing, you will be out of luck.

As far as handling note-on note-off MIDI messages that is pretty simple and I answered your other posting this morning in a separate thread.

Steve Caldwell
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Hey Pedro, your original post was the inspiration for this, and my efforts worked out well. I was able to get the VCI-100 mapped with some fairly good success. Using BMT allowed me to learn a lot more about RBDJ and ways to make it do more for me. I am currently looking at other Midi Mods to see how to chain various effects together using some of the stuff Teo Tormo is talking about here:

One other thing to point out is that aside from BMTP the LoopMIDI tool that Steve-Bome recommended was the key to success on a Windows Platform. Many thanks to all for the help on this project!!! Stay Safe and Healthy during this troubling time! Hoping the world can all dance again sometime real soon!!!

Hi Steve I’ve just bought Bome to help me map my xone 4d to rekordbox. I’ve had luck changing the midi script to control the sound colour fx parameters but I can’t map the on off buttons. I believe they are locked by pioneer how ever if I can convert my 4d to look like pioneer I think I can map those buttons with Bome .