Using Bome Translator & midi2lr at the same time

Is it possible to use the bome translator pro and lightroom or other midi applications at the same time?

I have the problem that the midi controller is blocked when using it with lightroom and midi2lr. But i want to enhance some functions, what midi2lr doesent has.

So the question is: Can i define, that bome translator only uses some of the midi controller knobs and leave the rest free?


What you would do is direct all traffic on your MIDI application to use one or more of the Bome MIDI Translator’s Virtual MIDI instead of the actual controller/application. You could then set up tramslaators within Bome MIDI translator Pro as a middle man to process certain MIDI messages and pass through other MIDI messages to your MIDI application untouched via MIDI through routes you set.

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Here is a pictorial view if you are more of a picture person than a word person.



The issue with this, is that Midi2lr simply listens to any midi. You can't set a port, channel or device. It seems Midi2lr is getting midi from the moment it enters the usb connection on OSX.

So even with Bome it's not possible to be a traffic cop for midi2lr. It's frustrating and it seems not easy for the developer of midil2r to implement this.


Maybe this will work. Apparently MIDI2LR scans for attached controllers when it starts up so leave your controller disconnected so it won't be found but leave Bome MIDI Translator started so it will be found. After MIDI2LR starts, then attach your controller and use it with MT Pro. Since MIDI2LR will not be aware if it, it should ignore direct controller which is what you want.

If this doesn't work then the only recourse is to go back to the MIDI2LR developer to get the application to "play nice" with other MIDI applications.


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Hi, Midi2lr has a test version where you can enable or disable specific midi ports. Just look into the forum. You can route your device first to Bome and from there to midi2lr and just adapt the knobs how you want. Before I did same what Steve mentioned, it works but it was unhandy and it conflicts with my other midi devices.

Thanks for the update!